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aeonum asked : cthulhu & robot? :-)

cthulhu:do you like the ocean? why or why not?
i’m scared of swimming in the ocean because of weird animals and things that brush against your legs and i just think of all the people who have died in the ocean…

robot:what is a habit you do without thinking?
picking my skin. gross

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Freja Beha Erichsen by Josh Olins for Vogue UK August 2010
monster mashing questions
  • ghost: what would you like on your tombstone?
  • dracula: are you afraid of aging? or death?
  • nosferatu: what, as a child, did you imagine went bump in the night?
  • creature from the black lagoon: what's your favorite place to go for a break? (eg vacation spot or comforting place, book, etc)
  • godzilla: what do you do when you are angry? are you ever destructive?
  • frankenstein's monster: when you fall apart, what pulls you back together?
  • the blob: do you collect anything? if so, what & why?
  • zombie: when was the last time you trusted your gut? was it successful?
  • mothra: what is something dangerous that attracts or fascinates you?
  • king kong: what are some questionable choices you've made lately?
  • alien: what is your strangest feature?
  • 50 ft woman: what is your most prominent strength?
  • witch: if you could magically change anything about yourself right now, what would it be and why?
  • cthulhu: do you like the ocean? why or why not?
  • nessie: have you ever felt invisible to people -- the feeling of not existing?
  • mutant spider: what is one of your biggest fears?
  • werewolf: if you could change into any nonhuman animal and back at will, what animal would you change into and why?
  • freddy kreuger: what is one of your worst nightmares?
  • jason voorhees: do you feel you are laughed at often? do you laugh at other people? if so, in what situations?
  • golem: if you could make up an imaginary friend, what would they be like and why?
  • leprechaun: what is your "pot of gold" (or white whale, if you'd rather)
  • sharktopus: what is something you've done that was ridiculous or a bad decision?
  • mummy: would you like to ever have children? why or why not?
  • robot: what is a habit you do without thinking?


*hears intro to Sugar We’re Going Down* … *runs into room* AM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET *kicks wall* I’VE BEEN DYING TO TELL YOU ANYTHING *punches chair* YOU WANNA HEAR *throws table* COS THAT’S JUST WHO I AM THIS WEEK

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Document Issue #4
Lily McMenamy by 
Allesio Boni





queen-plutoria submitted:

This is a post from the eating disorder support group, Anti Thinspo Pro Recovery! which Facebook wrongfully deleted last night. I’d been running the group for 3 years before Facebook deleted it saying the group was “obscene, threatening or hateful” which is just completely absurd! It was purely a support group.
As well as inspirational posts like the one above, the group provided members with support, ED resources, tips for positive coping skills, somewhere to vent or share recovery successes, or just talk to people going through similar struggles. For many members, the group was their only place to receive support, and the removal of the group may actually put people at risk of harm.
There is a petition here encouraging Facebook to reinstate the support group with more information there.
PLEASE SHARE THIS POST AND SIGN THE PETITION. We need Facebook to take notice! 
I have contacted several media outlets already to try to get more attention on the issue, but the more signatures we get the more likely we are to get media support!

Over 300 signatures, guys! Keep going!!

Over 400 signatures!!! I’m so proud! 



"He’s not the problem. I’m missing something. I’m all messed up. I’m crazy. ”
Blue is the warmest color (2013) dir. Abdellatif Kechiche


migaloo, one of only two known all white humpback whales, was photographed off the northern coast of new south wales as he made his annual migration north from antarctica. migaloo lost claim to being the only all white humpback in 2011, when an all white calf was spotted in these waters. most believe migaloo, now 35, to be the father. though often described as albino, migaloo has brown eyes and is more likely leucistic or hypopigmented. 

photos by (click pic) jenny dean, jonas liebschner and ray alley



Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

damn this justthis fukn does it for methis is gorgeous